Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strawberry Spring Salad

The strawberries are here! Celebrate early spring with a decadent Strawberry Spring Salad. Pair it with a creamy soup for dinner or take it for weekday lunch on the go.

Strawberry Spring Salad

Spring salad mix

Sweet vidalia onion dressing
Cherry tomatoes
Baby carrots, quartered
Sliced mushrooms
Fresh strawberries, halved
Shredded mozzerella cheese

Assorted nuts (cashews, macadamia, pecans, almonds, etc.)

Toss salad mix with a small amount of dressing. Add more dressing as needed to lightly coat leaves. Portion
salad mix onto plates and/or into lunch containers.

Top with a generous mix of tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cheese, strawberries, blueberries, nuts, and raisins. Bon Apetite!


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edamame said...

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Home Cooking Kitchen said...

Thanks! I hope y'all enjoy my recipes and pictures :)

tastymealsathome said...

Thank you for stopping by. If you decide to make them, please let us know how the dishes turn out! :)

This strawberry spring salad looks delicious!!!

Karin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for adding me as a friend on Blog Catalog. You have a great food blog!

Strawberry Salad ... what a memorable beginning of spring! Contrasting flavors and contrasting colors.

Lynda said...

This salad looks very unusual - and delicious ! I might just have to try it when it strawberry season - which is in July here in Africa :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks beautiful! I love fruit in salads!

edamame said...

Mr. home cooking! I thank for your consideration.

My Wok Life said...

I agreed that your food photos look great and yummy! I cook mainly Chinese food, so I would like to learn some salad and western recipes from you. As for this salad, would you recommend any other dressing beside the one you recommended to us? Cheers!